Mead Finds Victory Lane at 2016 Bojangles’ Summer Shootout

Matt Mead has raced thirty-two races this season to date. He has raced all across the country, including Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Bethel Motor Speedway (NY), Orlando Speed World, as well as his home tracks, Concord Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway.


At Charlotte Motor Speedway, Matt just finished his first Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series in a Legend car. He had an outstanding 2nd place finish in the Semi-Pro division, against some of the fastest drivers in the country. Matt was consistently the fastest Semi-Pro, qualifying on pole for the majority of the 10 Rounds thanks to his consistently fast Mark Nahrstedt Race Car. However, he did not get his first win until Round 4 on June 29th.


The first three weeks of the Shootout had some uncontrollable situations, including an axel breaking while running 2nd in Round 1. By the midpoint of the series, Matt was still the fastest and had back to back wins (Rounds 4 and 5)! He achieved another win in Round 7.  He was the points leader for the Semi-Pro division going into Round 8.


Unfortunately, in Round 9, he had problems with qualifying because the track was wet and he finished the race 8th.  His points lead had slipped away. To win the championship, he had to win the final round, a tough feat. Unfortunately, on lap 8, on track contact occurred between Matt and the current points leader, and both were sent to the back.


Matt made his way back up the front to the 5th position by the end of the race, and then on the last lap there was an incident involving three cars in front of him. He was able to slide by and finished in 2nd place for the race and points standing, behind a strong competitor Tyler Truex. Although the series did not end how Matt had hoped, 3 wins and two 2nd place finishes overall was a huge accomplishment and prepared Matt well for racing this fall.


Matt will finish this year’s racing season at World Nationals in Waterford, Connecticut in early October.

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